J08 - PCB Conveyor

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Neoden J Series conveyors streamline PCB handling for prototyping/production, reducing manual work. Ideal for buffering, linking, assembly, and inspection, they integrate seamlessly with our stencil, PnP machines, and ovens. View full description


J Series conveyors are available in four different lengths including - 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm. All models provide adjustable conveyor speed control via a front panel rotatory knob. The range of speed is selectable from 0.5mm to 400mm/minute. Precise conveyor width adjustment can be made on the fly to ensure proper PCB travel along the complete conveyor length. Automated PCB handling between select Neoden PnP machines and ovens can be controlled using the conveyors SMEMA control port that coordinates board advancement. By default, the PCB is held at the conveyor mid-point for visual inspection. The inspection stop can be defeated for uninterrupted, flow-through operations.


  • ESD conveyor drive belts
  • Rotary speed selector
  • Visusl inspection hold (defeat able) at conveyor mid-point
  • Crawl selection for slow speed advancement from ingress to conveyer mid-point
  • Stop switch halts conveyor advancement
  • Adjustable width PCB track
  • Leveling feet

Ships With

  • Complete assembly hardware kit and tools
  • Two spare drive belts
  • Mains step-up transformer 110V to 220VAC
  • Mains cables, 110V and 220V IEC style
  • Two DIN style conveyor automation control cables

Extra Information

Conveyor Speed Adjustment:
0.5mm to 400mm/minute
PCB Width:
30mm to 300mm
PCB Length:
50mm to 320mm
220VAC Mains Operation:
120VAC Mains Operation:
With Supplied Step-Up Transformer
Conveyor Length: