J08 - PCB Conveyor

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The Neoden Conveyor J08 is a compact conveyor system that is suitable for PCB assembly, PCB buffering functions, electronic product quality analysis, and linking PCB equipment together.

The product offers a range of speeds and measurement customizations for SMT production lines.

The J08 contains extensive speed options that you can manually adjust within the conveyor—users can choose speed levels between 0.5mm/min and 400mm/min.

While adjusting width, users can also set precise widths and lengths for PCBs—the measurement options range between 30mm and 300mm for width, and 50mm and 320mm for length.

Neoden's design includes a primary emphasis on seamless production processes, so its users don't need to worry about PCBs becoming stuck within the production line. The valuable feature improves efficiency and reduces unwanted costs during manufacturing.

The product is on the smaller end of the conveyor spectrum, which makes it an excellent choice if you require a compact design. The length of the Conveyor J08 is only 80cm, and it uses an ESD belt to prevent static issues from impacting the functionality of the product.

The gross weight (GW) of the Conveyor J08 is 49kgs. The product requires a single-phase 220V 50/60HZ 100W power source to operate.