Neoden IN6 Reflow Oven

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The IN6 Reflow Oven, designed for North America with 120VAC, is a six-zone, programmable oven for manual or conveyor-fed production, no external venting needed. View full description


The IN6 reflow oven combines many large oven features in a compact and affordable solution that’s optimized for prototyping and small batch production. The oven comes standard for tabletop operation or is available with a pedestal stand. A series of machine top air filters process the exhaust so that the machine can be operated in most environments without requiring exterior venting. If required, the machine can be vented to exhaust infrastructure.

Proven Technology

The oven uses nichrome wire heating elements to maintain even heat distribution for consistent soldering. Each of the six heating zones is independently programmable for preheat, soak, and reflow. Controlled heating of the PCB reduces stresses on thermally sensitive devices and allows for lower reflow temperatures that prevent pad lifting, delamination and burning. Zone temperature programming and monitoring is available using the LCD user interface mounted on the machine end panel. Six zone technology and a comprehensive full color user interface for configuring the heating profiles are standard IN6 features that are not typically found on small format reflow ovens.


  • Operates on common 120VAC mains service
  • Features a user interface with LCD display for precise control over six independent heating zones
  • Standard tabletop version is lightweight, weighing just 49 pounds
  • Reaches operational temperatures in 25 minutes
  • User-configurable conveyor system for 50-300 mm per minute travel through various heating stages
  • Can accommodate boards up to 260mm wide
  • Offers easy access to the full conveyor length and internal components with a hinged hood that lifts

What’s in the box?

  • IN6 Reflow Oven
  • IEC mains cable


Extra Information

Warranty Information

Every Neoden USA product comes with a standard one year warranty that includes parts and technical support (extendable). Our engineers are US based and ready to walk you through any problems you may encounter, and we are always available to help you with initial installation and setup of your equipment. Purchasing from Neoden USA entitles you to detailed instructional videos, manuals written in-house by our engineers and technical support via Zoom, phone, email and in person.