Neoden 4 SMT Pick and Place Machine

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A robust small format PnP that’s supplied in a standard configuration for hand-fed prototyping and small batch operations. The Neoden 4 delivers great performance and value with an easy to configure and operate PnP machine. View full description


The ND4 is a highly-configurable, precision SMT pick and place machine that will reliably places a wide variety of components on a single prototype board – or thousands of production boards.

The ND4 is supplied in two basic configurations; the Standard Configuration uses magnetic fixtures to support the PCB and is intended for hand feed operation, and the Rail and Deluxe Stand configuration features an automatic feed system. The feed system will advance a board to the proper position in the PnP machine for component population and upon completion will eject the PCB either to the front for manual retrieval or to the back for automated feed to secondary operations.

The gantry placement head holds four independently controllable nozzles. Each nozzle has 12mm of travel in the Z axis (for a maximum component height of 5mm) with 360 degrees of rotation. Each nozzle is precisely aligned with a high-resolution CCD camera so that pick and place coordinates for all nozzles can be identified and adjusted with a single image. Shop air is not required for this machine as each nozzle is powered by a dedicated internal vacuum pump system.

Proven Technology

The ND4 pick and place machine is the result of our decades worth of experience designing and manufacturing best-in-class SMT products. We are passionate about performance and that’s why we added many “big machine” features of our larger models in the ND4. We do this so your Neoden PnP isn’t only flexible, it is precise. It’s hard to not overstate the significance of a precision-built machine like the ND4, especially when it is as easy to operate, and it is affordable.


  • Vision System – up and down facing cameras
  • Placement head with four independent placement nozzles (±180° rotation)
  • Component feeder options include tape reel, vibration stick, waffle tray, bulk tray
  • Easily handle small components starting with 0201 up to 32mm square body
  • Internal 4 pump air supply
  • Internal industrial PC with 32GB SSD
  • 110VAC mains operation
  • Ships via common carrier

What’s in the box?

  • ND4 PnP machine with basic pedestal stand
  • Maintenance and calibration tool kit
  • Nozzles: CN040, CN065 x2, CN100 x2, CN140 x2, CN220, CN400, CN750
  • 8GB flash drive
  • 8 Feeders included: 5@8mm, 2@12mm, 1@16mm
  • 5 tube vibration feeder
  • Large reel stand
  • 120VAC IEC power cord


Extra Information

Max Placement Rate:
10,000 CPH (No-Vision) | 5000 CPH (Vision)
Best Practice Placement Rate:
2000 CPH
Minimum Component Size:
Maximum Component Size:
1.26" (32mm) Square Body
Max Component Height (Nozzle Z-Axis Max Travel):
0.197" (5mm)
Placement Accuracy:
Placement Head:
Gantry - 4 Nozzles
Max Board Size:
12.2" x 59.1" (310mm x 1500mm)
Placement Area:
12.2" x 59.1" (310mm x 1500mm)
Feeder Capacity:
48x Tape/Reel (8mm) | 5x Vibration Tube
Feeder Types:
Tape/Reel, Vibration Tube, Waffle Tray
Packaged Dimensions (L*W*H):
38" x 30" x 26" (940mm x 760mm x 660mm) - Stand ships in separate box
Packaged Weight:
200 lbs (90.7 kg)
Mains Supply:
110V / 220V
Compressed Air:
Not Required
Standard Nozzle Package (Included):
CN040 1x: 0402 (optimal) | CN065 2x: 0402, 0603 | CN100 2x: 0805, 1206, 1210 | CN140 2x: 1206, 1210, 1812, 2010, SOT23, 5050 | CN220 1x: SOP ICs, SOT89, SOT223, SOT252 | CN400 1x: ICs from 5mm to 12mm | CN750 1x: ICs larger than 12mm

Warranty Information

Every Neoden USA product comes with a standard one year warranty that includes parts and technical support (extendable). Our engineers are US based and ready to walk you through any problems you may encounter, and we are always available to help you with initial installation and setup of your equipment. Purchasing from Neoden USA entitles you to detailed instructional videos, manuals written in-house by our engineers and technical support via Zoom, phone, email and in person.