Manual Stencil Printer - FP2636 (for Framed Stencils)

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Fully adjustable manual stencil printer for framed stencils. View full description


Neoden sets the standard for manual tabletop stencil printers for prototyping and small batch production. The manual stencil printer enables rapid prototyping of PCBs in-house and will deliver a decrease in time and expense compared to out-of-house operations. These stencil printers work with a wide variety of PCB sizes in either single or double-sided configurations. Neoden printers feature a robust design in a compact size that’s easy to configure and use. They are ideal for operations on a tight budget. FP2636 manual stencil printers are part of a Neoden turn-key PCB design and production system that includes SMT Pick and Place machines, production conveyors and reflow ovens. Using the Neoden system you’ll achieve quality, time-efficient results with maximized throughput.



  • Compact size for tabletop operations
  • Appropriate for single and double-sided PCBs
  • Adjustable antiskid rubber feet enable fixture leveling and provides stability during paste application
  • X-Y-Z axis user adjustments for fine stencil alignment to the PCB
  • Quality stainless steel components holds registration pass-after-pass
  • No pneumatics required


What’s in the box?

  • Stencil Printer
  • Tool kit with 5 PCB guides that mount to the stainless steel table with cap screws. PCBs then mount on the guides using the 35-pin assortment in 1/1.5/2/2.5/3mm sizes.
  • 4 inch hand-held solder paste application squeegee
  • Paste application pallet knife

Extra Information

Max PCB Size:
260mm x 360mm
Minimum PCB Size:
10mm x 5mm
Max PCB Thickness:
Max Stencil Size:
260mm x 360mm
Adjustment Range:
±15mm in X-Y-Z axis
Mounting Pin Diameter:
ø1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
Base Table Material:
Stainless steel
Unit Dimensions:
660 x 470 x 245mm
Unit Weight:
35.2 lbs