YS350 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer

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The Neoden YS350 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer is a high precision solder printer for PCBs.

Operators can automate several of the functions via the touch screen interface. They can also utilize the time display and automatic counting function of printing times. These features allow for a more efficient and repeatable process while maximizing yield. It handles PCBs up to 400 mm in width and 240 mm in height.

The Neoden YS350 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer includes several components similar to the fully automated models, including the stencils and scrapers. The stencils rise within two seconds to demould before leaving the PCB. This mechanism prevents wire drawing to improve efficiency.

The scrapers can move freely at a customizable pace. The pressure varies based on the model and length of scraper. There is a stopping time in the upper left and right corners or the bottom left and right ones. Additionally, the printer has reference holes and edges for PCB positioning for localization and fastening.