YS350 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer

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The YS350 semi-auto solder printer offers uniform paste for dense layouts and fine pitch parts, ideal for medium/high volume with manual PCB loading/unloading. Accommodates PCBs up to 400mm x 240mm. View full description


YS Series semi-automatic stencil printers are as simple to program as they are to operate. Use the 5-inch color front panel touch screen to configure a variety of actions for the dual 10-inch squeegees and the pneumatic stencil frame holder. The configuration options include squeegee down pressure for paste application, print stroke travel and print-clean stroke duration along with the cycle intervals. Manual operations include the initial set-up of the vernier print table configuration for x-y-z axis positioning plus consumables replenishment and runtime insertion and removal of the PCB’s. : The YS350 printing table accommodates PCBs up to 400mm x 240mm.



  • Stencil single and double-sided PCBs
  • Accommodates PCBs up to 400mm x 240mm
  • Works with a range of paste formulations and PCB sizes
  • Stainless steel table construction holds registration pass after pass
  • Microprocessor PLC controlled
  • 5 Inch color touchscreen GUI for simple programming
  • Track your print count, cleaning intervals, configure L/R squeegee print and clean routine, set start/stop times and paste application pressure
  • 3-axis table alignment for precise registration and stencil to PCB contact
  • Emergency Stop can be made at any point in the application cycle
  • Park the applicators and gantry fixture for easy visual inspection


What’s in the box?

  • Pallet knife for paste application
  • Two 10 inch squeegees for paste distribution
  • Five table mount PCB locater fixtures with cap head bolts and PCB locating pins
  • Fifteen additional flex pins to support larger PCBs. Additional fixtures and flex pin kits are available for panelized PCBs.
  • 110V to 220V step-up mains transformer

Extra Information

Max PCB Size:
400 x 240mm
Max Stencil Size:
650 x 470mm
Minimum Stencil Size:
550 x 370mm
PCB Thickness:
.02mm to 2.0mm
Max Transfer Speed:
Table Adjustment:
±0.30” (10mm) Front - Rear, ±0.39” (10mm) Left – Right
Required Shop Air:
Mains Voltage:
220VAC, 110>220VAC step-up transformer supplied
Printer Dimensions:
31.5” x 27.5” x 66’9” (80 x 70 x 170cm)
Product Weight:
507lbs (230kg)