YS600 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer

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The YS600 stencil printing machine is used in the SMT assembly process, which is perfect for production lines that require rapid stencil printing for PCB manufacturing, for example.

The stencil printer is semi-automatic, which means you can adjust it easily and fix the PCB. Users can also customize the stencil position and solder paste.

The machine's printing process is much quicker than traditional human-performed transfers. It works for PCB sizes of up to 600mm x 240mm (the total printing area is 700mm x 320mm), and it works with PCB thickness levels between 0.2mm and 2mm.

The system is designed to provide a sturdy foundation for the user, so you can apply solder paste to PCBs without worrying about movement or instability.

The YS600 allows you to guarantee PCB strength and performance consistently.

The product requires an AC 220V power source, and the gross weight (GW) of the machine is 310kg.