Neoden YY1 - Pick & Place Machine

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The Neoden YY1 is an entry-level, tabletop PnP machine perfect for small shops and institutions transitioning from hand-placing or outsourcing PCBs, offering an affordable in-house solution for prototypes and small batches. View full description


Product makers seeking to increase their in-house prototyping and manual feed small batch production capabilities will appreciate this full-featured PnP machine. The YY1 does more and has many big machine features including a Vision System with up and down facing cameras and dedicated front panel video monitors. The touch screen user interface used for configuring the machine is another Neoden exclusive in the compact tabletop machine category. Up your game with an easy-to-implement in-house alternative to outsourcing your prototype and small batch production needs.

Proven Technology

The YY1 is an evolutionary product that has serious heritage. Neoden has years of experience building a wide variety of PnP machines for the electronics industry, universities, research labs, and creative shops. We have applied our deep knowledge of machine design and production best practices to deliver the kinds of features and performance that enable creative makers of all skill levels to bring their prototyping and small-batch manufacturing projects in-house.


  • Placement head with two independent placement nozzles
  • 3-position nozzle changer accommodates two working nozzles and one parking position
  • Component feeder options include tape reel, vibration stick, waffle tray, bulk tray
  • Easily handle small components starting with 0201 up to 18mm square body
  • Numeric readout of nozzle vacuum for the most reliable component handling
  • Convenient touch screen GUI programming
  • Dual up/down camera vision system with dedicated video monitors ensures high accuracy
  • Internal pneumatic supply
  • 110VAC mains operation with external PSU
  • Eligible for UPS Ground shipping

What’s in the box?

  • YY1 PnP machine
  • External PSU
  • Acrylic panels and hinged hood
  • Maintenance and calibration tool kit
  • Starter nozzle kit
  • 7” machine mounted tape reel feeders
  • 13” external stand for large tape reels
  • PCB mounting blocks and support pins
  • SD card


Extra Information

Max Placement Rate:
3000 CPH
Best Practice Placement Rate:
2500 CPH
Minimum Component Size:
Maximum Component Size:
0.71" (18mm) Square Body
Max Component Height (Nozzle Z-Axis Max Travel):
12mm (28mm Z-Axis travel)
Placement Accuracy:
Placement Head:
Gantry - 2 Nozzles (auto nozzle changer standard)
Max Board Size:
9.8” x 13.7” (249mm x 350mm)
Placement Area:
9.8” x 13.7” (249mm x 350mm)
Feeder Capacity:
45 total, L/R banks populated: 36x8mm, 6x12mm, 3x16mm | Alternative configuration 52x8mm
Feeder Types:
8/12/16/24mm reel, cut tape, stick, waffle tray, loose component tray
System Dimensions (L*W*H):
25.3” x 21.8” x 23.6” (643mm x 554mm x 601mm)
System Weight:
78lbs (35.5kg)
Packaged Dimensions (L*W*H):
27.5” x 24” x 23.4” (700mm x 610mm x 595mm)
Packaged Weight:
104lbs (47 kg)
Mains Supply:
External PSU, 110V – 240VAC primary, 24VDC secondary, 3A 50W
Compressed Air:
Internal Supply
Decibel Rating:
Standard Nozzle Package (included):
(2) CN040, 2 (CN65), (1) CN100, (1) CN140, (1) CN220 (1) CN400

Warranty Information

Every Neoden USA product comes with a standard one year warranty that includes parts and technical support (extendable). Our engineers are US based and ready to walk you through any problems you may encounter, and we are always available to help you with initial installation and setup of your equipment. Purchasing from Neoden USA entitles you to detailed instructional videos, manuals written in-house by our engineers and technical support via Zoom, phone, email and in person.

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by G Morse on 25th Mar 2024


    Productive once you get the hang of it

    The YY1 landed in my work space almost a month now. It has greatly helped, having previously hand-placed 1000s of boards each having 100+ components. Did a lot of research and was very familiar with a few machines before choosing this one. I'm happy w/ this one given there are no perfect desktop PnPs off-the-shelf. I wanted to get up-and-running quickly w/ easier interface, without customizing or 3-d printing parts or open source coding. Quality and construction is surprising. A survival kit including tools and spares is provided to help fine tune three rascal peelers - not bad since I'm currently using 25 of them. The Edit Fiducial parameter setting gave very unpredictable results. My workaround was to just delete the fiducial and work from board origin 0,0. That way I can preview the placements in component settings - and if something is off I adjust the board origin in the do this very carefully not to mess up any other global settings. Now I'm placing 0805 and 1206 with decent accuracy, predictable results, repeatability and very few mis-picks/placements, and speed at 80%. The camera, displays, and touch screen always keep me in touch w/ what is going on. Had the system hang a couple of times, but only because I had unexpected data in the CSV file - the assigned head number isn't supposed to be 90 degrees haha. Put in the effort and time to dial things in, learn which settings work best for you in your environment, and you'll have a rewarding and productive experience w/ this machine. Looking forward to the YY1 helping me w/ my runs during this time while I continue to grow my small business.

  • Posted by C Stradling on 23rd Feb 2024


    YY1 PNP

    Starting with packaging, the YY1 comes well packaged surrounded by form fitting closed cell foam. While the outer carton had a sizable puncture the machine inside was undamaged. The hole placement was just right to hit the main screen but fortunately a rather sturdy plastic cover was zip-tied over the display and prevented any damage that might have occurred otherwise. Cut a few zip-ties, raise the shroud frame, and bolt on the peeler rails and the unit is ready to be loaded with components and set up for it's first run. After unboxing the YY1 and setting it up, I got right to work loading up the feeders and learning about the shortcoming that is the tape peeler mechanism. While functional, it can be quite fiddly to get the friction rings just right for each tape. While paper tapes tend to function with the default friction rings, I found that most 8mm plastic tapes needed the lower value friction rings and even then could use a "warm-up" where after replacing the friction ring with a lower value I would have to manually twist the pulley on the rail a few times to "break the seal" and get the tape to stop feeding while peeling the tape. Every time I leave the machine idle for more than two hours I find it best to repeat the process of manually twisting each pulley before starting another batch of boards. This is my one and only complaint about the machine. When you consider that the peeler mechanism is the biggest reason this machine can be offered at such a competitive price though, it is well worth the minor inconvenience. Once the feeders are dialed in and you've got a board programmed, this machine does wonders for a low volume board shop. Where I was spending roughly 15 minutes per board with the tweezers prior to picking up the YY1, the YY1 cranks out each board in just shy of three minutes at the default 70% speed. Just enough time for me to feed a board into the reflow oven, inspect the last board to come out of the oven, and paste the next board just in time for the YY1 to finish the board it's working on. Overall I am very satisfied with the performance of the YY1 and it is saving me between 10-20 hours of manual labor per week. The only thing I might recommend is for Neoden to offer a third value of friction ring for the peelers that provides about 75-80% of the friction of the current smallest ring. That might be just right for my problematic 8mm plastic tapes.