Neoden 9 - Pick & Place Machine

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The all-new Neoden 9 (ND9) is a best-in-class production pick and place machine that delivers exceptional performance and value. With the ability to incrementally scale your production capacity by directly joining multiple ND9 together inline without intermediary conveyors, and control from one central unit. 

Featuring a full-color vision system and precision ball screw X-Y positioning of the head with an impressive 14,000 components per hour (CPH) placement rate. This machine is designed for a range of applications from prototyping and small production runs to high-volume manufacturing operations. 

Precision SMT Pick and Place

The flying vision alignment system combined with the precision ball screw placement system delivers great accuracy and speed for all PnP operations. Two upward-facing cameras ensure each part is properly orientated, applying any correction needed prior to placement. The down-facing cameras ensure accurate part picks and precise placements. The high-definition cameras and no-shadow illumination can be optimized for dark PCB colors including black. The latest generation feeders can accommodate parts up to 16mm in height. At full feeder capacity, the ND9 holds fifty-three 8mm tapes, twenty-four on the front of the machine and twenty-nine on the rear. Both feeder stacks are equipped with laser sensors that lock the machine if the feeders are not properly aligned and seated. Additional tray, short tape, and tube feeder positions are also provided.

Proven Technology

This 4-axis, Linux OS pick and place machine features a placement head with ports for six nozzles, picking from either front or rear feeder positions. All six nozzles can place parts in a single cycle (gang-pick). Simultaneous pick pairs are configurable using nozzles 1&4, 2&5, and 3&6. The parings increase placement speed for similar parts 0603 and larger. Fourteen different nozzle options are available for 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 short tapes, plus tray pick QFP, SSOP, QFN, and BGA packages. The X-Y coordinate system controls head movement with a placement range of 460mm x 300mm. The resolution of .01mm (10μm) and repeatability of .02mm (20μm) allows any X-Y coordinate to be identified as the location of a feeder, the start of an array of components in a tray or short tape, a fiducial mark, or the location at which a component is to be placed on a PCB.

Versatile & Scalable

The ND9 features a compact profile measuring just 31.5 inches wide. This profile enables machine positioning using standard width man doors in prototyping areas or in production environments with limitations in available space. The ND9 can be incrementally scaled by directly joining multiple machines together to provide sequential PnP operations without intermediary conveyors, further reducing production line space requirements. When multiple machines are joined, one machine is designated as the programming master with its Linux CPU controlling PnP operations for the group and PCB handling between machines.


Extra Information

Max Placement Rate:
14000 CPH
Best Practice Placement Rate:
9000 CPH
Minimum Component Size:
Maximum Component Size:
1.57" (40mm) Square Body
Max Component Height (Nozzle Z-Axis Max Travel):
0.629" (16mm)
Placement Accuracy:
Placement Head:
Gantry - 6 Nozzles
Max Board Size:
19.7" x 11.8" (460mm x 300mm) | Possible lengths up to 800mm
Placement Area:
18.1" x 11.8" (460mm x 300mm)
Feeder Capacity:
53x Tape/Reel (8mm)
Feeder Types:
Tape/Reel (Electric/Pneumatic), Vibration Tube, Waffle Tray
System Dimensions (L*W*H):
48" x 31.5" x 53" (1220mm x 800mm x 1350mm)
System Weight:
1100lbs (500 kgs)
Packaged Dimensions (L*W*H):
57" x 48" x 66" (1450mm x 1220mm x 1675mm)
Packaged Weight:
1200lbs (550 kgs)
Mains Supply:
110V (220V configurable on request)
Compressed Air:
>0.6MPa - Oil Free
Decibel Rating:
55-60 dB (μV/m) at 10m

Warranty Information

Every Neoden USA product comes with a standard one year warranty that includes parts and technical support (extendable). Our engineers are US based and ready to walk you through any problems you may encounter, and we are always available to help you with initial installation and setup of your equipment. Purchasing from Neoden USA entitles you to detailed instructional videos, manuals written in-house by our engineers and technical support via Zoom, phone, email and in person.