YY1 PCB Assembly Bundle

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This bundle includes an FP2636 Stencil Printer, YY1 PnP Machine, and IN6 Reflow Oven to get you started with an affordable, compact, yet powerful SMT production line. View full description


This professional system includes the features you need for high quality results including a pick and place vision system, fifty-two 8mm component reels with two active placement heads, automatic nozzle changer and internal air supply. The 2,500 CPH typical placements is a best-in-class production speed. Plus, the three-zone oven with speed selectable conveyor will deliver consistent thermal performance for the best quality while keeping your finished boards moving all day long.


FP2636 Manual Stencil Printer

  • Low cost, simple to operate manual stencil printer for a wide variety of paste formulations and PCB sizes
  • Stencil single and double-sided PCBs
  • Achieve fine pitch printing with the 3-axis table alignment
  • Precision machined X-Y-Z controls provide for positive feedback when making adjustments and fixing the stencil position
  • Quality stainless steel construction holds registration pass-after-pass
  • No pneumatics required
  • No problem using harsh clean-up chemicals
  • Comes in either framed or frameless stencil options

YY1 Pick and Place Machine

  • Placement head with two independent placement nozzles
  • 3-position nozzle changer accommodates two working nozzles and one parking position
  • Component feeder options include tape reel, vibration stick, waffle tray, bulk tray
  • Easily handle small components starting with 0201 up to 18mm square body
  • Numeric readout of nozzle vacuum for the most reliable component handling
  • Convenient touch screen GUI programming
  • Dual up/down camera vision system with dedicated video monitors ensures high accuracy
  • Internal pneumatic supply
  • 110VAC mains operation with external PSU
  • Eligible for UPS Ground shipping

IN6 Reflow Oven

  • Designed for use with 120v household power mains
  • Built-in filtering allowing for use without external venting
  • Multiple thermal profile zones
  • Automatic PCB feed for and speed controllable internal conveyor
  • Deluxe Edition includes stand and additional filter sets


This compact and cost-efficient line with screen printer, PnP and oven, requires just eight feet of table-top space for operation. Simply plug into standard 120V electric service to program and you’ll be operating. No exterior oven venting required. This system comes complete with feeders and nozzle assortment to get you up and running quickly.

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